"تتمتع المملكة العربية السعودية بتراث غني ومتنوع ، مما يوفر لكل مصمم مساحة هائلة للإبداع بينما يعكس تراثنا الغني وجذوره العميقة في نفس الوقت."


لكنني تيما، ابنة هذه الأمة التي تمر الآن بتحول لفت انتباه العالم بأسره، تحول أصيل وفريد من نوعه، تحول غير مصطنع. إنها أيديولوجيتنا وتجربتنا، ويجب أن نكون نحن من يقودها".

مجموعات تيما عابد هي احتفال بتراثها السعودي، وتمزج بسلاسة التأثيرات الثقافية مع حساسيات التصميم المعاصر. يعرض كل إبداع جماليتها الفريدة ، مما يعكس ارتباطها العميق بجذورها مع دفع حدود الإبداع.

تفاخرت المجموعة بمجموعة من فساتين الأزياء الراقية المذهلة التي يحلم بها معظمها في ورشة المصمم في جدة


عزز ظهور تيما عابد لأول مرة في أسبوع باريس للأزياء الراقية مكانتها كمصممة ذات رؤية ذات جمالية لا مثيل لها. مجموعتها لم تحتفل فقط بالمملكة العربية السعودية كما أظهرت هيريتيج براعتها الاستثنائية في التصميم والتزامها بتقديم حرفية رائعة. مع مهنة امتدت 16 عاما منذ أن أسست علامتها التجارية التي تحمل اسمها ، نجاح تيما و حازت الأعمال الفنية على تقدير من العملاء المميزين ، بما في ذلك الأعضاء المحترمين من الملوك والفنانين المشهورين. انضم إلى تيما عابد في رحلة آسرة عبر تقاطع الثقافة والفن والموضة حيث تواصل إعادة تعريف الحدود وإلهام العالم بتصاميمها الاستثنائية.

المزيد عن هذا

showcased 10 pieces from their recent collections

Saudi designer TIMA ABID puts on fashion show at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The fashion house’s designs featured earthy hues, harness belts, and multi-layered oversized coats. The creations also integrated traditional crafts such as sadu and naqda, which is a technique of pulling thin metallic threads through cloth.


a true masterpiece

The talented couturiere from Jeddah showcased a collection of breathtaking designs, ranging from figure-hugging gowns to beautifully structured voluminous dresses.

Among the stunning creations, there was one dress that captivated the audience and earned thunderous applause—a magnificent golden gown embellished with intricate palm tree embroidery. Drawing inspiration from the natural wonders of the Kingdom's landscape, the luxurious velvet fabric was adorned with exquisite details, including sparkling Swarovski crystals and opulent golden-thread embroidery. This particular dress stood out as a true masterpiece, reflecting both the designer's creativity and the beauty of the surrounding environment.


A Tima Abid design on the Harper’s Bazaar Saudi cover shoot of March 2021. Photo by Noura Al-Omari, arrangement by Latifah bint Saad.

Tima Abid: A Visionary Haute Couture Designer Redefining Saudi Fashion Heritage

A Tima Abid design showcased on the Harper’s Bazaar Saudi cover shoot of March 2021


Step into the enchanting world of Tima Abid, a renowned haute couture designer from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With a career spanning two decades, Tima has not only established herself as a leading figure in the fashion industry but also as a prolific writer, poet, and interior designer. In an exclusive interview with Harper's Bazaar Saudi's Arabic editor Khulood Ahmed, held at the 9 by Lift gallery in Riyadh, Tima opens up about her journey, her passion for Saudi heritage, and her unwavering commitment to individuality in the field. As she continues to make waves in the fashion world, Tima's dream remains simple: to see her designs grace the closets of women worldwide.


Tima's dream remains simple but profound: to see her exquisite designs grace the closets of women across the globe, each garment a testament to Saudi Arabia's rich cultural heritage and the limitless possibilities of fashion.

Saudi couturiere Tima Abid presented her first-ever collection during Paris Haute Couture Week

Everything you need to know about Saudi designer Tima Abid’s Paris Haute Couture debut

The highly anticipated event took place on January 23 at the elegant Four Seasons Hotel Georges V, where Tima unveiled her glamorous Spring 2020 couture offering. The exclusive presentation captivated a distinguished audience, including private clients, members of the royal family, and renowned Syrian singer Assala Nasri. With a year of meticulous planning and preparation, Tima's collection left an indelible mark on the world of haute couture.


Tima Abid's collection of 50 breathtaking couture gowns showcased her exceptional talent and the craftsmanship of her team at the Jeddah atelier. Each design was meticulously crafted with opulent fabrics like crepe and tulle, adorned with intricate gold and silver embroidery, beads, sequins, and plumes. The pieces were a true testament to Tima's unrivaled ability to create body-hugging eveningwear that exuded glamour and sophistication.